I started writing synthpop songs in 1982 but as my music grew more diverse I created my solo band Invaders From Sears in 1986, simultaneously forming my boutique cassette label called odi-music. I then rounded up several bandmates and founded Connecticut's infamous improv-art-noise-drag-freak collective BunnyBrains in 1988. I joined NYC acid rock legends Beme Seed in 1990, came back to revamp the BunnyBrains again in 1997 and then co-founded CT noise rock powerhaus Ultrabunny in 2002 with the legendary Malcolm Tent, followed by the launch of my all-free net label Bilge Dasto in 2003.


I currently play with Ultrabunny while working on some solo and collaborative experimental music projects and am considering bringing Invaders from Sears back from dead at some point.


-Bobby Bunny Nov. 2020

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